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Cassidy Civiero is a filmmaker and activist with a focus on content that deals with climate change, mental health and mindfulness, and gender and sexuality.

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Return to Nature

 Writer, Director

 In Pre-Production


.Can we learn to cope with anxiety by returning to nature?

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Ethical Consumption

 Writer, Director

 Click Here to Watch

 Can we ever really get rid of our trash?

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Sweet as Sugar

 Writer, Co-Creator

 Click Here to Watch the Teaser

 Can this fabulous and flailing Jewish virgin hack it as a
.newly minted sugar baby?

You're My Hero

 Writer, Co-Executive Producer

 Click Here to Watch Season 1

 How does a 20-something with cerebral palsy navigate 

 a world not designed for wheels?

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 Click Here to Watch

 When an unemployed musician is at the end of their rope,
.can they find solace through the skateboarding community?


I'm in Love with All My Friends

 Writer, Director

 Click Here to Watch

Can this pansexual creative navigate the blurry boundary between friendship and love?

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Self Care

 Writer, Director

 Click Here to Watch

 How has "self care" come to be defined by late stage  .capitalism?

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The Sculpture

 Writer, Executive Producer

 Click Here to Watch

 When do love and support for our partner go too far and .become exploitation?

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