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Cassidy Civiero is an experimental filmmaker and activist with a focus on content that deals with climate change, mental health and mindfulness, and gender and sexuality.

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Return to Nature

A woman who lives alone, fraught with anxiety,

finds relief by contemplating the natural world. 

Writer, Director

Playing March 23rd to May 11th at The Penticton Art Gallery

Playing April 19 at Eyesore Cinema

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Three queer witches in their 30s go on vacation together, making each other cackle and healing their relationships with their mommas along the way.

Writer, Director

Feature Film - In Development with Monkeys & Parrots




40 years in the life of a gender-diverse person growing into their identity, spurred by a foundational relationship with someone who has a deep love of plants.

Director, Executive Producer

Feature Film - In Development with validBodies


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The Burn

A transmasc 31 year old burns school pictures from the worst year of his life, which he spent in agony as a suicidal 13 year old girl.

Director, Writer

In Post-Production


Sweet as Sugar

A feminist virgin becomes a sugar baby to liberate herself financially and emotionally.

Writer, Co-Creator 

In Development with Monkeys & Parrots

Click Here to Watch Teaser

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Ethical Consumption

A burnt out 20-something is haunted by trash. 

Writer, Director

Click Here to Watch (change video setting to 4k for best experience)

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Manufactured Parts

A meditation on romantic relationships in the context of transitioning from female to male.

Writer, Director

Click Here to Watch


You're My Hero

A sardonic guy with cerebral palsy navigates a world not designed for wheels alongside his loyal best friend.

Writer, Co-Executive Producer

Click Here to Watch Season 1

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A depressed musician finds solace in the Toronto skateboarding community.


Click Here to Watch

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I'm in Love with All My Friends

A pansexual artist finds inspiration in the blurry lines between friendship and romantic love.

Writer, Director

Click Here to Watch

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Self Care

A meditation on late stage capitalism and consumption as a misguided form of self care.

Writer, Director

Click Here to Watch

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The Sculpture

A young housewife loses all sense of identity in her relationship with a tortured artist.

Writer, Executive Producer

Click Here to Watch

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