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Cassidy Civiero is a filmmaker and activist with a focus on content that deals with climate change, mental health and mindfulness, and gender and sexuality.

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Return to Nature

A woman who lives alone, fraught with anxiety,

finds relief by contemplating the natural world. 

Writer, Director

In Post-Production


Ethical Consumption

A burnt out 20-something is haunted by trash. 

Writer, Director

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Sweet as Sugar

A feminist virgin becomes a sugar baby to liberate herself financially and emotionally.

Writer, Co-Creator

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You're My Hero

A sardonic guy with cerebral palsy navigates a world not designed for wheels alongside his loyal best friend.

Writer, Co-Executive Producer

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A depressed musician finds solace in the Toronto skateboarding community.


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I'm in Love with All My Friends

A pansexual artist finds inspiration in the blurry

lines between friendship and romantic love.

Writer, Director

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Self Care

A meditation on late stage capitalism and consumption as a misguided form of self care

Writer, Director

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The Sculpture

A young housewife loses all sense of identity in her relationship with a tortured artist.

Writer, Executive Producer

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